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Madrid to Host First B2B Vegan Cheese Event

On November 8th, Madrid will host Spain’s first B2B vegan cheese event, where vegan cheese companies will introduce their products to F&B businesses interested in sustainable food solutions.  

The 1st Petit Salón del Queso Vegano (1st Vegan Cheese Petit Salon) has been organized by Singular Foods, a food design and innovation consultancy, in collaboration with Food Storming, the Design Institute of Spain, Alimentaria Magazine, and Madrid Alimenta.

vegan cheese plate on a table
© Mommus

A paradigm shift

According to Singular Foods, the plant-based market is not just another trend but a paradigm shift. Various studies reveal the market’s steadfast growth; for example, Grand View Research reported that the global vegan cheese industry was valued at 2.43 million dollars in 2021, with a CAGR of 12.6% from 2022 to 2030.

The 1st Petit Salón del Queso Vegano is a unique opportunity that brings synergies to Spain’s vegan cheese market. Singular Foods explains the event will be a meeting point for vegan cheese producers with professionals from sectors such as food retail, food service, distribution, catering, and investment.

Spain’s vegan cheesemakers

Singular Foods has announced two significant players among the vegan cheesemaking companies attending the Salon. 

Mommus, based in Elche, recently collaborated with Valencian Dacsa Group to launch its products at local supermarkets after receiving awards for its extensive vegan cheese portfolio that includes camembert, cream cheese, blue, black garlic, smoked, and truffle cheeses. 

vegan blue cheese made by väcka
© Väcka

“A few years ago, an event like this would have been unthinkable

Based in Barcelona, Väcka produces and sells organic, plant-based vegan cheese. Väcka’s portfolio includes brie, mozzarella, spreads, and blue cheeses, retailing in more than 400 specialized shops, and will soon launch in Carrefour after winning the retailer’s Plant-based Contest. This year, Väcka was selected by Madrid Food Innovation Hub‘s food tech acceleration program.

Cristina Quinto, Mommus’ CEO, said: “It is a pleasure to see initiatives that help the plant-based food industry create synergies, learn and strengthen links.

“A few years ago, an event like this would have been unthinkable, but more and more of us are looking to the future, and we trust that the trend among consumers will be to support the life of the planet. In short, at Mommus we will continue working to achieve our goal, which, after all, is an objective shared by all of us who make a product as unique as vegan cheese, which we can only achieve thanks to the union that promotes events like this one,” she added.

If you are a decision maker in the hotel and restaurant sector, a supermarket chain or a distributor, or if you are a company that provides vegan cheese and are interested in displaying your products in Spain and would like to be a part of the Petit Salón del Queso Vegano in Madrid, contact the organizers here: [email protected]

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