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Meet the Current Crop of Alt Protein Talent at the Future Food-Tech Summit

Around 150 trailblazing alt protein companies will join the virtual audience at the Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins summit on June 22-23. The summit aims to bring together food brands, retailers, ingredient manufacturers, tech providers, and investors for two days of online networking to accelerate the future of alt protein.

“We’re delighted to showcase the most exciting emerging talent and fresh solutions within the alternative protein space”

Here we list the exciting crop of talented alt protein early and mid-stage companies from around the globe featuring at the event, including numerous vegconomist favourites such as Umiami, NotCo, Next Meats, Planted, Zrou, and Because, Animals.

Aqua Cultured Foods (USA) 
Seafood fermentation specialist that has created the first whole-cut seafood alternative using its proprietary strain of fungi.

Better Dairy (UK)
Dairy fermentation startup leveraging precision fermentation to produce high-quality animal-free cheese.

©Better Dairy

Stockeld Dreamery (Sweden) 
Aiming to create the world’s most ambitious vegan cheese, the company is building the world’s largest R&D team for plant-based cheese.

FUMI Ingredients (the Netherlands) 
Develops animal-free food ingredients from natural micro-organisms.

Noblegen (Canada)
Makes nutritious food with the lowest ecological footprint cultivating an overlooked food source called Euglena.

Fybraworks (USA) 
Replacing additives with fermentation-based meat proteins resulting in cleaner labelled products.

JellaTech (the Netherlands)
Produces native collagen with full functionality using animal cells in a sustainable way.

© Jellatech

Because, Animals (USA) 
Creating the most sustainable, humane, and nutritious pet food on the planet by growing small-prey species of cultured meat.

Van Heron Labs (USA) 
Disrupting alternative protein through optimizing cellular health; analyzing and streamlining metabolism to produce superior growth and performance for any cell type. 

Harmony (USA) 
Food science-based company applying cutting-edge biotechnology to mimic the composition of human breast milk and create the next generation of infant formulas

Mzansi Meat Co. (South Africa) 
The first company to bring cellular agriculture to the African continent working together with local nguni and indigenous cattle farmers.

©Mzansi Meat

Umiami (France)
Developing a unique texturization platform that allows thick fibrous whole cuts of cleaner label plant-based meat.

Zrou, by YouKuai Group (China)
Creating the most clean-labeled plant-based meat on the market. 

Next Meats (Japan)
Using authentic Japanese flavors and unique production know-how to simulate realistic, meat-like textures.

Next Meats Co.
© Next Meats Co.

Planted (Switzerland) 
Turning very few and natural ingredients into delicious meats from plants from its own production and research facilities.

NotCo (Chile) 
Generating a paradigm shift in the mass consumption food industry, simultaneously breaking into plant-based categories such as dairy, eggs, and meat. 

Kuleana (USA) 
Patenting biotechnology approaches for creating unprocessed formats of raw fish based on enzymatic processes.


Nutriati (USA)
The next era of alternative protein processing innovations opening up new performance options for brands.

P&M (Chile) 
Using vegetable ingredients that pose a demonstrated positive effect on human health without sacrificing the great experience of eating.

Making a totally natural protein shake, entirely from plants.

Dahlicious (USA) 
Leverages a centuries-old tradition of “slow-culturing,” meaning its yogurts contain a higher level of probiotics.

“We’re delighted to showcase the most exciting emerging talent and fresh solutions within the alternative protein space and can’t wait to welcome our international start-ups to the summit,” says Jet Luckhurst, Start-Up Partnerships Manager at Future Food-Tech.

To register for the upcoming event click here.

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