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New Plant-Based Summit to Host Industry Giants Including Eat Just’s Josh Tetrick & Veganuary

The UK’s largest network of food and drink entrepreneurs, Bread & Jam, is debuting the country’s first plant-based summit to inform and upskill vegan challenger brands. Taking place on March 31st, the virtually held Plant-Based Summit will host major vegan brands, British supermarkets, as well as a host of experts and major players in the plant-based sector. 

What’s special about the event is that it will give startups the unique opportunity to pitch to plant-based buyers from Sainsbury’s, Asda, Ocado, Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, The VeganKind and Vegetarian Express.

Jason Gibb Co-founder of Bread & Jam
Jason Gibb Co-founder of Bread & Jam

Jason Gibb, Founder of Bread & Jam Festival told vegconomist, “The innovation that’s behind the plant-based revolution is largely driven by startups at the cutting edge of new trends and behaviours. And our summit will bring these exciting startups together with industry experts from larger corporates, investors and retailers so we can share knowledge and our visions for a more plant-based world.” 

Over 30 plant-based industry experts are due to speak, including Josh Tetrick, CEO of JUST and Seth Goldman, Founder of Eat the Change and Chair of Beyond Meat. Speakers from Veganuary, Squeaky Bean and The VeganKind are also giving presentations at the summit. ‘Incidentally vegan’ brands will also explain how they position themselves and why it works, as well as industry thought-leaders giving their predictions for the plant-based future.

Simon Day, Co-Creator of Headline Sponsor Squeaky Bean, added, “Plant-based will be the single biggest and most important change in the food and drink industry in 2021 and beyond. Getting together at this Summit to share our learnings and our visions for the future is the best way to maximise its potential.” 

Industry Icons Bread & Jam
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Summit Schedule March 31st, 2021

Plant Based Opportunities: The Supermarkets’ Perspective

9am – 9:45am

Speakers: Joanna Johnson (ASDA), Claire Hughes (Sainsbury’s) and Andrew Allen (Biff’s).

What & Who Is Driving the Plant-Based Juggernaut?

9:50am – 10:25am

Tesni Steele Jones (Kantar)

How Speciality Retailers Are Driving Plant-Based Innovation

10:30am – 11:15am

Sophie Davies (Planet Organic), Zoë Berry (Whole Foods) and Scott McColloch (Vegankind)

Launching A Plant Based Challenger Brand

11:20am – 12:05pm

Hannah Carter (OGGS), Andy Shovel (THIS), Jagir Mankodi (SuperFoodio), Anushi Desai (Plant Pops) and Damoy Robertson (The Vegan Review)

Industry Expert EXPO Half Hour

12:10pm – 12:40pm

Funding Focus: What Are the Growing Number of Plant Based Investors After?

12:40pm – 13:30pm

Niccolo Manzoni (Five Seasons Ventures), Matthew Glover (Veg Capital) and Willem Blom (Plantbase)

Plant Untapped: The Category Gaps Ripe for Innovation by Emerging Brands

13:30pm – 14:20pm

Simon Day (Winterbotham Darby), Seth Goldman (Eat the Change), Ria Rehberg (Veganuary) & Darren O’Sullivan (Kerry Group)

The Next Big Thing: Plant Based Funding

14:20pm – 14:55pm

Industry Expert EXPO Half Hour

15:00pm – 15:30pm

Plant Powered Diversification: Adding a Plant-Based Option to Your Brand

15:30pm – 16:15pm

Ciaran Adam (The Collective), Josh Lee (Northern Bloc), Lisa Harrison (Applewood) & Segun Akinwoleola (The Gym Kitchen)

Closing Keynote

16:20pm – 17:00pm

Josh Tetrick (Eat JUST, Inc)

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