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Pharmaceutical Company Launches “Asia’s First” Accredited Plant-Based Nutrition Conference

Multinational pharmaceutical company MEGA We Care has launched what it claims is the first accredited plant-based nutrition conference in Asia.

Asia’s Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference will feature nine notable speakers such as Dr. Dean Ornish, inventor of the Ornish Diet and winner of the “National Public Health Hero” award from the University of California. Another speaker is multi-award-winning medical professor Dr. Kim Alan Williams, an expert on cardiovascular disease.

The speakers will explain how plant-based diets can be used to prevent, manage, and sometimes even reverse chronic disease. Topics will include heart health, brain health, diabetes, gut health, cancer research, paediatrics, and more.

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Plant-based in Asia

The event is timely, since interest in plant-based diets is skyrocketing in Asia. The Asia-Pacific region is set to have the largest share of the global plant-based market by 2025, and recent research shows that 62% of consumers in the region want to buy plant-based meat. Many of these consumers are motivated by health concerns.

Due to Covid restrictions, the plant-based nutrition conference will be held virtually on January 22. Anyone is welcome to join.

“APBNHC is going to be the FIRST accredited medical education conference in Asia that will unravel the latest progressive scientific research highlighting the efficacy of plant-based whole food nutrition on overall health. Most importantly, the conference will cover how plant-based nutrition can help to prevent, manage, as well as even reverse serious ailments,” said a spokesperson for the event.



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