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PlantX Expanding Pop-Up Initiative With More Brands at Venice Beach, CA Store

PlantX, a plant-based e-commerce platform, is expanding its Pop-up Initiative to feature more brands at the company’s brick-and-mortar store in Venice Beach, CA. Inspired by previous pop-up success, the initiative aims to support innovative plant-based products by offering its Venice Beach space to promote selected brands. 

As part of the initiative, both new and established brands will operate a custom pop-up installation inside the store, allowing companies to test-run products in a retail environment while growing brand awareness through interactive events, like pizza nights. To promote diversity and inclusion, PlantX is using a three-month rotational system to maximize the number of brands that can participate in the event.

Besties Vegan Paradise Plant-Based Products
© BESTIES Vegan Paradise

“To our knowledge, the PlantX vegan pop-up concept is the first of its kind – so far, no-one else in the plant-based space is adopting such market innovation strategies,” said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin. “By paving the way for pop-up opportunities, we hope to revolutionize the plant-based industry and contribute to its growth in novel and creative ways.”

Previous pop-up success

According to PlantX, the initiative’s potential to empower innovation was demonstrated by previous pop-ups with Matthew Kenney Cuisine and BESTIES Vegan Paradise. Matthew Kenney’s installation promoted its New Deli brand on XMarket’s cafe menu, while BESTIES enhanced its own retail success by occupying PlantX’s store for three months from February to April 2022. During that collaboration, BESTIES strongly increased foot traffic by hosting community events and introducing unique plant-based products.

Matthew Kenney Cuisine
NewDeli, Image credit @mueller.adrian

Through these efforts, PlantX says it helping to lead the plant-based industry by supporting impactful brands. 

“Community empowerment is the very fabric of PlantX’s vision of adding real value to the plant-based space,” said PlantX Founder, Sean Dollinger. “Our new pop-up concept aims not only to build community among our consumers, but also to further develop collaborations with, and among fellow plant-based companies whose values align with our own. We are always looking for more brands to participate in our novel pop-up activities, and we encourage all plant-based companies to reach out to us if this initiative sparks their interest.”

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