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Programme Revealed For 6th International Cultured Meat Conference

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The keynote speakers and program have been revealed for the 6th International Scientific Conference on Cultured Meat. This year’s event will take place at Crowne Plaza De Ruiterij in Maastricht, on Sunday, October 11. It will be chaired by Dr Mark Post of cultured meat specialists Mosa Meat, creators of the world’s first cultured hamburger

©cultured meat conference


Sunday 11th October

Chair: Mark Post, Prof dr, Maastricht University 18:00 Keynote Ben Cosgrove, Dr. Cornell University, USA “Leveraging single-cell transcriptomics to improve muscle stem cell manufacturing and therapies”

19:00 Welcome reception

Monday, October 12

Chair: Nynke van de Akker, dr, Maastricht University 09:00 Cell biology

09:30 Cell biology

10:00 Rapid Fire Poster Presentations

10:30 Coffee break

Chair: Mark Post, Prof dr, Maastricht University 11:00 Keynote Zhou Guanghong, Prof. dr. Nanjing Agricultural University, China

11:30 Tissue Engineering

12:00 Tissue Engineering 12:30 Lunch

Chair: Sissel Rønning, dr, NOFIMA 14:00 Keynote Rob Burton, dr. Ruralis, Norway

14:30 Panel SE

15:00 Panel SE

15:30 Tea break

Chair: Sergio Spaans, dr, Mosa Meat 16:00 Keynote Matthew Baker, dr. MERLN, Maastricht

16:30 Biomaterials

17:00 Biomaterials

Chair: Sissel Rønning, dr, NOFIMA 17:30 Keynote Jette Feveile Young, Prof.dr. Aarhus University, Norway “Sustainable bovine cell sourcing and the importance of “post mortem” handling for cultured meat”

18:00 Networking

19:00 Dinner

cultured meat conference
©cultured meat conference

Tuesday, October 13

Chair: Mark Post, prof dr, Maastricht University 09:00 TBD

09:30 Bioprocessing

10:00 Bioprocessing

10:30 Coffee break

Chair: Chris Bryant, dr University of Bath 11:00 Keynote Karin Verzijden Axon Lawyers, Amsterdam “Cultured meat – a regulatory update on both sides of the Atlantic” 11:30 Panel LCA

12:00 Panel LCA

12:30 Lunch

Chair: Helder Cruz, dr, Mosa Meat 14:00 TBD

14:30 Culture medium

15:00 Culture medium

15:30 Wrap up

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