• ProVeg Incubator Presents Future Food Series: Algae

    On January 20th, ProVeg Incubator will present Future Food Series: Algae, the sixth event in the Future Food Series. Along with Zintinus, the event will explore the wonderful subject of algae and its diverse applications across the food industry. The event features guests including Algama Foods, Oceanfruit, Betterfish, Genesea, Sophie’s Bionutrients, and EABA.

    The power of algae in food tech

    It is estimated that there are over a million species of algae worldwide. Algae have all of the essential nutrients required for human health, are an important source of protein, and are among the most sustainable resources on our planet. The global market size for algae products reached an estimated value of $4.7 billion in 2021 and this is projected to grow steeply in the coming years. Seaweed can become a game-changer in tackling climate change and environmental challenges, since it binds CO2 and needs no water, land or energy to grow.

    Algama Foods sushi
    ©Algama Foods

    What to expect

    Our guests are pioneering startup founders and experts in all things algae. What applications of algae are the most promising? Which products will we see on the markets and when? How does the scale-up of algae products work and what are the regulatory hurdles? With our guests, we will discuss the tech, the challenges, and the impact of algae on the way towards a transformed global food industry.

    The Panel

    • Alvyn Severien, CEO and Co-founder at Algama Foods
    • Jacob von Manteuffel, Co-founder at Oceanfruit and betterfish
    • Alex Golberg, Co-founder at Genesea
    • Eugene Wang, Co-founder at Sophie’s Bionutrients
    • Alexandra Mosch, Vice President at EABA – European Algae Biomass Association
    Eugene Wang © Sophie’s Bionutrients

    The Agenda:

    6:00 pm – Intro from Albrecht Wolfmeyer, ProVeg Incubator, and Fabio Ziemssen, Zintinus

    6:10 pm – Guest intros and panel discussion

    7:30 pm – Closing comments and end of the event

    For more information on the event go to this link where you can also register to participate.

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