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ProVeg New Food Conference 2019: Meet the Experts

In order to meet the challenges required for a sustainable future, the food industry needs new solutions and radical changes. With the New Food Conference (21-22 March 2019, Berlin), ProVeg aims to pave the way for the future of the food industry, bringing together renowned experts and leading companies in innovative alternatives to animal products in order to jointly shape the ideas of the future.

ProVeg’s first international New Food Conference will take place on 21 and 22 March 2019 in Berlin, and will present the latest developments in the market for plant- and cell-based proteins . Renowned scientists and experts will discuss the impacts on the food industry, along with new technologies, consumer acceptance, and political frameworks. “Cultivated animal products and plant-based proteins can contribute significantly to solving the challenges of the global food situation. In the course of our work at trade fairs and events, we have noticed that there is a great need for such a conference in Europe,” says Sebastian Joy, CEO of ProVeg. The finalised programme for the event is now available online.

Highlights on 21 March – Plant-Based Proteins
The first day of the New Food Conference will be dedicated to plant-based proteins. David Ingemar Hedin of Euromonitor will give a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in the plant-based industry in Europe and will present expected future developments. Following on from this, Prof Dr Atze Jan van der Goot, Professor of Agricultural Engineering and Food Sciences at Wageningen University, will present new research results on the subject. Caroline Zimmer, Founder and Managing Director of E.V.A GmbH, will use the practical example of the Simply V brand to show how an encounter with a novel ‘cheese treat’ can bring about a paradigm shift in the dairy industry, while Jonas Mårtensson, Head of Product Development and Chef at MAX, Sweden’s oldest burger chain, will show that sustainable concepts can also be implemented in the food service sector.

Highlights on 22 March – Cell-Based Proteins
On the second day of the conference, Dr Mark Post from Mosa Meat will take a look at the technologies used in the field of cultivated meat, where growth and innovation have been remarkable in recent years. Michael Selden, Managing Director of Finless Foods, will talk about cell-based fish alternatives and present various research methods in the field. In the panel ‘But what about the farmers?’, Hanna Tuomisto, together with experts and farmers, will discuss the impact of clean meat on traditional agriculture, as well as the opportunities it will provide. Annie Osbourne from the US-based Good Food Institute will explore the advantages and disadvantages of insects as a future protein source.

For the complete programme of speakers, see: www.proveg.com/new-food-conference.

New Food Conference
Date: 21.-22.03.2019
Location: Kalkscheune, Johannisstraße 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Organizer: ProVeg Germany e.V.
Language: English
Contact: Julia Aumüller and Katleen Haefele, ProVeg Germany e.V.
Tickets: 159,00 EUR to 359,00 EUR
Website: https://proveg.com/new-food-conference



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