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ProVeg Webinar: Hybrid Products – When Plant-Based Meets Cultivated

Food awareness organisation ProVeg International recently released a report on consumer acceptance of hybrid products blending plant-based and cultivated ingredients.

In comparison to conventional meat, cultivated meat offers numerous benefits in terms of taste, health, food justice, animal welfare, and the environment. However, it will be some time before cultivated meat products reach the market, other than in Singapore, where it has already gained regulatory approval.

Ethical foods

In the meantime, there are opportunities to combine plant-based with cultivated meat ingredients in order to respond more quickly to consumer demands for healthier, more sustainable, and more ethical food products. Developing specific cultivated-meat components, such as fat, means facing fewer technological and regulatory hurdles compared to developing a complete meat product, and thus has the potential to get to market more quickly.

Meatable Manager Food Science & Application Rui-Paulo Cunha and Love Handle Head of Innovation Addis Tan
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On 26th January, ProVeg will be hosting a webinar delving into the business opportunities presented by hybrid food products that blend plant-based and cultivated-meat ingredients, as well as early consumer trends in the sector. Other areas that will be covered include the following:

  • Consumer acceptance and expectations of hybrid food products that blend plant-based and cultivated-meat ingredients, based on our recent survey of 1,000 UK respondents.
  • Insights from food industry professionals regarding potential synergies between the plant-based and cellular-agriculture sectors.

You’ll come away from this webinar with a better view of the business opportunities around hybrid foods, knowledge about early adopters, and strategies to increase acceptance levels.

Register for the webinar for free today.

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