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Super Garden Showcasing Vegan Ice Cream “That Doesn’t Melt” & CBD Snacks at ISM

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Super Garden, a Lithuanian company specialising in freeze-dried products, will exhibit at this year’s ISM Cologne sweets and snacks trade fair from April 23-25.

Products on display will include freeze-dried “ice cream that doesn’t melt”, after the company recently launched a plant-based variety made with oat milk and hazelnut paste. Freeze-dried sweets will also be exhibited, along with snacks containing CBD.

Super Garden was founded by Laura Kaziukoniene, who thought that freeze-dried fruit would make a good snack for her children but was unable to find a supplier. Upon further research, she discovered that freeze-dried products have many benefits, such as being very lightweight and retaining their nutrients.

Kaziukoniene successfully set up a company, and Super Garden now produces a wide range of freeze-dried products such as sweets, fruit, vegetables, and granola. Ingredients are sourced from Lithuania and other European countries.

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“Gold standard for preservation”

Super Garden is not the only company producing plant-based freeze-dried products. The UK’s LioBites offers freeze-dried fruit snacks, while the US’ Seva Foods launched what it claimed was the first ever freeze-dried vegan ice cream in 2018.

“Our products are cultivated with love in a fertile soil and clean air and they are harvested during their natural harvesting period,” says Super Garden on its website. “Products have the best nutritional properties during their peak harvest season. This is why products are delivered to us from the farmers as soon as they are harvested. They are then freeze-dried, packaged and shipped to your home.”

The company adds, “Lyophilisation, or freeze drying, is the gold standard for food preservation thanks to which products are preserved in their fresh form without using any additives, preservatives, added sugar or other extra ingredients.”

Super Garden will exhibit in Hall 11.2, Stand C-071G at ISM Cologne.

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