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The First Global Tempeh Conference “TEMPETHON 2021” Debuts 27th June

A new virtual conference called TEMPETHON 2021 will debut on the 27th of this month to spotlight the traditional Indonesian fermented protein, as fermented foods continue to trend. The event will feature a TED Talk, cooking workshops, and an innovation panel hosted by Seth Tibbott, founder of Tofurky.

“Tempeh is different than other plant-based proteins in that it is not trying to be anything else,” Seth Tibbott, Founder of Tofurky

In the USA, tempeh products are witnessing an annual growth rate of 30.1% in Natural Food Stores and 29.7% in Conventional Grocery Stores. Tempeh is enjoyed for its firm texture, nutty/mushroom flavor and versatility, and provides 15 grams of cholesterol-free protein in a 3oz serving, establishing itself as one of the most nutritious sources of plant-based protein on earth.

Tempethon 2021
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TEMPETHON 2021 will include:

  1. A TEDx talk by Amadeus Winarno, PhD and co-founder of the Tempeh movement
  2. Cooking classes from a variety of world cuisines, hosted by Melania Edwards, Author, Founder, and CEO of The Tropical Kitchen. Live cooking demonstrations will include exotic Indonesian recipes from The Tropical Kitchen. Renowned tempeh chef and author JL Fields will demonstrate how to create tempeh burgers using simple ingredients. Ecuadorian Fermenter Cata Vallejo will showcase tempeh in South American Cuisine. Tempethon 2021 will also include special recipes from Miyoko Schinner of Miyoko’s Creamery and Lightlife’s Executive Chef.
  3. A tempeh innovation panel hosted by Seth Tibbott, Founder of the Tofurky Company.
Seth Tibbott of Tofurky
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“With over $3.1 billion invested into alternative proteins in 2020, more consumers are seeking plant-based proteins that are as good for the body as they are to the taste buds. Tempeh ticks both boxes.” says Melania Edwards, Founder and CEO of The Tropical Kitchen.

“Tempeh is different than other plant-based proteins in that it is not trying to be anything else. It’s a tasty, naturally fermented, prebiotic food containing only 3 ingredients; soybeans, starter culture and water. It can be made with simple sustainable technology and has a bright future.” quotes Seth Tibbott, Founder of Tofurky.

For more information contact: Melania Edwards in the UK: [email protected]/ Seth Tibbott in the USA: [email protected]

Eventbrite Tickets available here.

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