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World Plant Milk Day Finale: Introducing The Global Plant Milk Brand Landscape

We are coming to the end of our World Plant Milk Day series, which featured quality plant milk brands from around the world. There are so many incredible companies in this sector that we couldn’t possibly feature them all, but we salute their innovation and dedication. Whilst there is still animal milk on the market, there is room for more plant-based milk!

The plant-based sector is exploding and plant milk is now the leading segment in this sector, fuelled by consumer demand. We have shown this week that plant milk companies are passionate about meeting this demand and that they are providing innovative and delicious products with the potential to replace animal milk altogether. The companies we have featured are focused on nutrition, taste, minimising environmental impact, and being cruelty-free; they demonstrate that animal milk has surely had its day.

We couldn’t feature them all, but KindEarth.Tech cofounder Olivia Fox Cabane has certainly tried to in her Global Plant Milk Brand Landscape. The landscape is now online thanks to Kristopher Gasteratos, Founder and President of CAS (the Cellular Agriculture Society).

This is an epic piece of work that was made possible by a team of volunteers, who strived to get this landscape ready so we could launch it as the grand finale to our week of celebrating plant milks. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a reality.

Though this live map shows only milk, there are static maps for Alternative Protein, Dairy, Cheese, Algae and Fungi available at newprotein.org. If your brand is not on a landscape and should be, you can register here.

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