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Adidas Unveils its First Vegan Football Boot, Co-Created By Stella McCartney and Man United’s Paul Pobga

The first-ever vegan football boot by adidas, the interestingly titled Predator Freak, uses part recycled materials and components which adidas says were “closely analysed to ensure they conform to both vegan and elite performance standards.” The boot is gender-neutral and created with the sustainability ethics which Stella McCartney says she holds close throughout her work.

Adidas has been addressing sustainability issues for a few years. Back in 2019, the sportswear giant created a pair of algae-based shoes in collaboration with Kanye West. The following year, it veganised some of its classic shoes and began looking into recycling its materials. In January this year, adidas collaborated with Bolt Threads on shoes made from mushroom leather, then in February, adidas announced a total ban on fur in its product range, making it the 1500th clothing and footwear company to become fur-free.

adidas Predator Freak
Stella McCartney says of the launch: “Since the start of my collaboration with adidas, we’ve continued to push the boundaries in high-fashion and performance wear so it’s incredibly exciting to be expanding into the world of football with the superstar athlete Paul Pogba.  “Last year during lockdown, adidas brought Paul and I together for The Huddle which is where this idea was first born. Hearing how passionate he was about fashion and learning how much we had in common really sparked the inspiration for co-creating this iconic boot. One comment that stuck with me was how fashion was part of his personality both on and off the pitch, so it was important for this to shine through in the design.”

Stella adidas

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba says: “I am a footballer first and foremost, but I have a huge interest in fashion and design and I’ve always wanted to explore this further. This collaboration has been particularly special for me because I’ve been a fan of Stella McCartney’s work for a long time, so when we came together for The Huddle last year and had this idea, it felt like the perfect opportunity to create something. It was in the middle of lockdown and I was missing playing football so much, so it was an incredible feeling to be able to focus on something that combines my love for the game with my passion for style. The boots we created with adidas are bold and unique, and I can’t wait to wear them when I step onto the pitch.”

A limited number of boots will be available exclusively from October 22nd at and selected retailers from 1st November.

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