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AHAVA: Sustainable Vegan Beauty Products With Minerals From The Dead Sea

Founded in 1988, Israeli beauty brand AHAVA has always been vegan. It was inspired by scientists, who studied the Dead Sea region to determine how its plants and minerals could benefit the skin.

AHAVA produces a range of skincare products such as facial creams, mud masks, serums, and more. It also offers bath and body products, including moisturisers, bath salts, and body oils. They are all made with natural resources extracted from Dead Sea mud, salt, and water. The region has a higher concentration of minerals than anywhere else on the planet.

All AHAVA products use a technology called Osmoter™, which was developed by the company. According to AHAVA, the technology pulls moisture and nutrients from deep in the skin up to the surface to keep the skin hydrated. Every product is made with natural ingredients and free of parabens, GMOs, sodium lauryl sulphate, phthalates, and triclosan.


The company also has a focus on sustainability. Its manufacturing facility uses local flora to filter waste water and return clean water to the environment.

While it is based in Israel, AHAVA has stores in several countries and its products ship worldwide via its website.

Vegan beauty products are rapidly gaining traction worldwide. A recent UK study found that online searches for vegan cosmetics and toiletries were on the rise, and a market report last year predicted that the vegan beauty market would be worth US$ 25.3 billion by 2029. Several major players in the conventional beauty industry are also launching vegan and more sustainable options.

“We let nature lead our science of designing skin, hair, and body care formulas that activate skin from within,” says AHAVA on its website. “All products are vegan, just like AHAVA products have always been.”



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