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Algenist Commits to 100% Vegan Formulations in Luxury Algae-Based Cosmetics

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Algenist, the breakthrough brand known for its high-performance algae-based skincare, announces the roll-out of its 100% vegan formula without any added animal or animal-derived ingredients. With a background in biotechnology, Algenist is dedicated to revealing the potentials of algae, one of the oldest and most nutrient-dense plants on the planet.

Today, 24th June, Algenist announces it has focused its expertise to maximize the use of vegan ingredients and renewable resources leveraging the newest innovations in green chemistry and green processing technologies. Algenist’s patented Alguronic Acid is the discovery that kick-started the brand in 2011 in a biotech lab: the company naturally extracted and sustainably produced this vegan compound that allows algae to survive, thrive and regenerate in the world’s most extreme environments.

“It’s not a secret that global pollution is on the rise – our consumer is ever-aware of the environmental impact on her health and actively making lifestyle changes for the better. She prefers brands to also be environmentally and socially-conscious without compromising results,” CEO, Rose Fernandez says. “Commitment and consistency are key. We aren’t shying away from ingredients that work and we know to be safe under EU regulation. Rather, we are committed to holding ourselves accountable to finding alternative plant sources to ensure that our luxury formulas are safe and effective while still leveraging our sustainable use of algae across all categories.”

Algenist collagen

This strong biotechnology background continues to inspire innovation at the ingredient level. Key discoveries leverage algae with unique plant-based alternatives to improve formula delivery systems and efficacy:

  • Alguronic Acid: Algenist’s patented discovery from algae, found only in Algenist products.
  • Active Vegan Collagen: first-ever plant-based collagen listed as the #1 ingredient at the highest concentration. Combined with Alguronic Acid in GENIUS Liquid Collagen, it helps restore skin’s bounce and resilience in 10 days.*
  • Green Algae Encapsulation: preserves retinol’s efficacy and facilitates its time release in ELEVATE Advanced Retinol Serum, gentle enough to use twice daily. Visibly firms and smoothes skin in 10 days.*
  • Algae-Derived Prebiotic: “skin food” from algae to feed good-for-you probiotics that help balance skin’s natural microbiome. In the 3-minute ALIVE Prebiotic Balancing Mask, it helps improve skin clarity and texture in 10 days.*

Algenist is available at Sephora,, and QVC.

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