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Bolt Threads’ Bags First Mushroom Leather Bag Released

Bolt Threads, the bioengineering company from California, has finally released its first selection of luxury bags made of a unique plant-based leather derived from mushroom roots. The innovative range is available now on Kickstarter and will begin delivery between Spring and Autumn 2019.

This first bag to be launched by Bolt Threads is called the Mylo™ Driver. Mylo is a material created from Mycelium, which is the underground root structure of mushrooms. The first commercially available product of its kind, the Mylo™ Driver is a unisex tote, designed in collaboration with Portland brand Chester Wallace.


The concept for this accessory began when Bolt Threads partnered with biomaterials company Ecovative to license the mycelium technology then adapt it to make it commercially viable. Bolt Threads say, “We developed Mylo™ from mycelium cells by creating optimal growing conditions for it to self-assemble into a supple, sustainable material that looks and feels remarkably like animal leather. Mylo™ can be produced in days versus years, without the material waste of using animal hides.”

This plant-based leather is strong, durable and thick, and has the look and feel of animal leather, as well as the ability to stand wear and tear in the same way. The benefits being multifold, and there is of course no raising of livestock, land erosion, or methane emissions.

The Mylo bag is now available for pre-sale on Kickstarter here, where interested customers may  choose from 4 different tiers within the pre-sale for added accessories and even a tour of the Bolt Threads lab facilities.

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