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Brazil’s Cariuma Launches the Lowest Ever Carbon Footprint Sneaker

Sustainable sneaker company Cariuma today debuts what it has called the world’s lowest carbon footprint sneaker – the IBI Slip-on. The news comes as sustainability is increasingly at the forefront of consumer’s minds when it comes to fashion choices, with many brands opting for vegan and sustainable alternatives

Brazilian brand Cariuma’s IBI Slip-on claims to have the lowest ever carbon footprint for any sneaker on the market to date, and has the testing to prove it. With a carbon footprint of 5.48kg CO₂e (ISO 14067 Certified), it is reportedly the most carbon emission-friendly sneaker on the market, with three times fewer emissions than the average pair at approx 14kg CO₂e. Its team evaluated industry practices, as well as its own, working with its ethical factory and third-party partners to eliminate all possible waste to produce the eco-friendly sneakers.

Founded as a stance against the wasteful practices inherent in fast fashion, Cariuma works exclusively with ethical factories and sources only natural and recycled premium materials. All shipping impact is offset to become carbon neutral, complete with an Amazon reforestation program. 

Cariuma sustainable sneakers

Sustainability is the watchword of the moment for an increasing number of fashion brands, as designer Stella McCartney has made garments from a mushroom-based vegan leather, as well as lifestyle brand Lug launching its first-ever vegan leather collection. Mexican cactus-based leather company, DESSERTO®, has announced a distribution agreement with global fashion brand H&M, and Vegan Fashion Week, the world’s leading ethical fashion movement, has launched a collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Kapok Knot for its Vegan Haori Jacket, sustainably made from kapok trees and recycled polyester. 

“For the Cariuma team, this launch is more than just a label on one pair of shoes, but a true statement to the industry at large – that we will continue to commit ourselves to break boundaries and innovating towards a better earth,” the brand said in a press release. 

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