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Cosmetic giant L’Oréal takes over vegan natural cosmetics brand Logocos

The French beauty group L’Oréal has expanded its range, acquiring the cosmetics brand Logocos Naturkosmetik in order to enter the vegan beauty market. Plant-derived products are on the agenda, since customers are paying increasing attention to them.

All brands by the German natural cosmetics manufacturer Logocon are vegan and certified organic. They are becoming increasingly popular with customers of the French L’Oréal Group. The number of consumers interested in natural alternatives to the chemical ingredients often found in such products continues to rise.

“We at L’Oréal Germany are very pleased that by acquiring Logocos in a Western European market where the demand for natural cosmetics is particularly high, we have acquired a great deal of expertise in this area,” said Fabrice Megarbane, General Manager of L’Oréal Germany, about the purchase of the organic cosmetics brand.

The plan is to expand the two Natura brands Logona and Sante, especially in Western Europe, but also internationally in general. The brands will be sold in the main L’Oréal product segment, hair and skin care products. According to Reuters, there has been little growth in this area in recent months.

But even previously, the Group, like other manufacturers, had been attaching increasing importance to plant-based production. Organic labels such as Sanoflore also belong to the L’Oréal Group. It once owned The Body Shop, one of the first natural cosmetics stores, but increasing competition led to its sale.

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