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Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Brand e.l.f Collaborates With Chipotle for “Burrito-Inspired” Vegan Make-Up

In an interesting move that possibly nobody saw coming, US Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle has launched a makeup collection in collaboration with vegan cosmetics brand e.l.f. The collection is inspired by Chipotle’s plant-based menu items.

The centrepiece of the collection is a burrito-inspired eyeshadow palette featuring the colours of Mexican ingredients like black beans, guacamole, and salsa.

The rest of the collection consists of a makeup sponge shaped like an avocado, a makeup bag shaped like a tortilla chip, and salsa-themed lipgloss. Anyone who buys it will receive a coupon code for an order of chips and guac at Chipotle.

The collection is available from both companies’ online stores, as well as Chipotle’s live-shopping platform NTWORK.

© Chipotle/e.l.f

And as if food-inspired makeup wasn’t enough, the two companies have also collaborated to create makeup-inspired food. Chipotle says it will be launching a burrito bowl called Eyes. Chips. Face on its app, inspired by e.l.f’s full name “Eyes. Lips. Face.”

It’s not the first time e.l.f has drawn inspiration from food for its makeup collections — in January, it launched a Mint Melt collection inspired by ice cream. The company also announced an unusual collaboration in 2019, when it partnered with creative agency Movers+Shakers to create a full-length song that was also called Eyes. Lips. Face.

“E.l.f and Chipotle both operate in the zone of disruption and breaking boundaries and moving outside of the expected,” e.l.f. CMO Kory Marchisotto told Glossy. “Chipotle shares our values and aspirations to engage with consumers in totally new ways.”

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