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Spain’s Freshly Cosmetics Launches Refill System With 100% Recyclable Packaging

Freshly Cosmetics, a Spanish company specialising in vegan cosmetics, has launched a new refilling system for its products: the Freshly Refill.

Freshly states this new cardboard packaging contains more than 75% vegetable fibres and that it now offers a refill service to “Freshly Fans”.

The company’s objective is to take a firm step towards a more sustainable future. This new initiative will reduce the carbon footprint by 92% with respect to glass containers, reveals the company in a statement.

“We are committed to the future and to the transformation of the cosmetics sector”

Since 2020, the digitally native and sustainable company has provided a product refill service in its ten Freshly Stores and says that it has already eliminated more than 7,000 containers, saving about 2 tons of CO₂.

© Freshly Cosmetics

Six of Freshly’s favourite products can be refilled: the Golden Radiance Body Oil; the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser; the Azelaic Radiance Face Treatment; the Hair Radiance Keratin Spray; the Hyaluronic Energy Body Serum; and the Hair Growth and Density Treatment.

As for the rest of the products, the R&D team will continue working to expand more references, the next ones being the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum and the Vitamin C Concentrate Serum, which will be marketed in the coming weeks.

Comments Miquel Antolín, co-founder and CEO of Freshly Cosmetics: “The waste of the cosmetics industry is a huge shame. Although we know that the refill is not a definitive solution to this waste, it is a very important step forward and we are very happy to be able to offer our products to Freshly Fans.

Freshly Cosmetics microplastics
© Freshly Cosmetics

“We want to make the most of the material resources available to us, to extend the life cycle of the products. And Freshly Refill fits the bill perfectly.

“We are committed to the future and to the transformation of the cosmetics sector. In these seven years, we have shown that another way of caring for our skin, hair, [and] the planet is possible. That is why we believe in a better future and options such as Freshly Refill help us to achieve it,” concludes Antolin.

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