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Welsh Brand Mallows Beauty Expands to US With Urban Outfitters Launch

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Mallows Beauty, a vegan beauty brand based in the Welsh city of Cardiff, has announced it will be launching at 177 Urban Outfitters stores in the US.

The collaboration comes after Mallows’ brightly coloured products attracted significant interest on TikTok, with consumers worldwide asking where they could buy them. The brand is now in the process of partnering with a US-wide distributor.

“International demand for our products has been huge”

Exports already make up about a third of Mallows’ sales, after it previously expanded to Ireland, mainland Europe, and Australia. The brand has seen a 30% increase in turnover since exports began in late 2021. Support from the Welsh government — in the form of market research, advice on regulations, and setting up meetings with potential partners — has helped to boost Mallows’ rapid growth.

© Mallows Beauty

“Brutally honest” beauty

Mallows Beauty was founded in 2020 by Laura Mallows, and has a focus on embracing all body types.

“I wanted to create a beauty brand that was brutally honest with no filter — all about body positivity, girl power, and making you feel amazing,” she said.

The vegan cosmetics market is expected to be worth $28.5 billion by 2031, growing at a significant CAGR of 5.9%. Recent research by The Vegan Society indicates that over half of US consumers want more vegan-verified cosmetics, while 90% believe vegan verification is important.

“Our exporting journey has been a whirlwind, playing a significant part in our growth over the last year,” said Laura Mallows. “International demand for our products has been huge, thanks to TikTok in particular, with people asking where they can buy our products in their countries. The US in particular is an area where we would like to focus our sales drive as we continue to see growing demand for our products there. The new deal with Urban Outfitters, along with securing a nationwide distributor, will play a vital role in helping us achieve that.”

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