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Vegan Pro Surfer Tia Blanco joins Vejii as Brand Ambassador, Launches Vegan Cosmetics Brand Dear Self Skincare

Vegan pro surfer Tia Blanco, an early-stage brand ambassador for Beyond Meat, has been officially onboarded as official ambassador for online vegan marketplace Vejii. Additionally, Vejii has launched Tia Blanco’s brand of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic products, Dear Self Skincare on its platform.

“We are very excited to work so closely with Tia, who on top of being a world-famous athlete and influencer, is an incredible spokesperson for veganism. Vejii’s core belief is to make being a vegan simple. We respect Tia’s social media expertise, her ability to connect with millions of people across platforms, and we embrace her integrity and passion,” said Vejii’s CEO, Kory Zelickson. “We are proud to align ourselves with Tia – she is genuine, passionate and engaging – we’re excited to enable her to inspire the next generation of vegans.”

Tia Blanco Dear Self Skincare
©Dear Self Skincare

Vejii will also be expanding its product offering, launching vegan cruelty-free cosmetic items on its platform. Dear Self Skincare, co-founded by Tia, will be added to Vejii’s cosmetic product offering. “At Dear Self, we focus on sustainability, quality, cruelty-free, and of course, plant-based – all of which align with Vejii and their corporate values. This opportunity will allow us to expand our reach across the country”, said Tia, “It is important that we align our brand with companies with similar values to ours, and Vejii couldn’t be a better fit.”

“I am very excited to be partnering with Vejii and the Company’s plant-based movement. I’ll be proud to promote the company’s mantra to my followers, across many different platforms. I’ve performed at my very best while on a plant-based diet. I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with an emerging industry leader like Vejii”, said Tia. “I also look forward to working with the Vejii marketing team and their ultimate vision while assisting in social media growth, brand awareness, and brand development.”

Tia Blanco, courtesy of Vejii
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