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DESSERTO’s Cactus Leather Will Be Sold at H&M, Putting Mexico at the Centre of Sustainable Fashion

Mexican cactus-based leather company, DESSERTO®, announces a distribution agreement with H&M, among the world’s largest clothing chains with 4700 shops in 69 countries. Founders Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez state they are proud to put Mexico at the centre of the global sustainable fashion industry.

López Velarde and Cázares believe that their company has broken into the world of fashion and other industries as an attractive, environmentally friendly alternative, free of animal cruelty and toxic chemicals. As we reported last September, the company collaborated with Sanabul, known for its martial arts and boxing clothing and accessories, for the world’s first cactus leather boxing gloves.

According to the United Nations, the clothing and footwear industry generates 8% of greenhouse gas emissions, while livestock farming generates 18%, according to data from Oxford University.


It is feasible that replacing traditional leather with cactus leather could help reduce global pollution levels significantly. To that end, DESSERTO® was born in 2019 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. According to the founders, it was created in a global context of addressing the urgency to act for the environment. During the rest of 2021, it will break into the global market through collaborations with important brands that will be announced in the coming months.

In an interview with vegconomist last August, the founders stated that “there is no doubt consumer reception towards sustainable materials is growing dramatically everywhere. Furthermore, consumer demand is not the only driver of sustainable materials. The industries themselves must adopt sustainable policies in order to grow and survive.”

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