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Fashion Veterans Launch Line of Luxury, Ultra Sustainable Shoes

Fashion veterans Tina Bhojwani and Jean-Michel Cazabat, along with investor and partner Alvertos Revach, have launched AERA, a new luxury shoe brand set to make a difference. The range is fully vegan, sustainable, and what they describe as “radically transparent.”

The New York brand is striving to “make sustainability the new normal,” by offsetting its environmental impact by 110% to make its practices not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative. Its full line is made of all-vegan materials: “We went to great lengths to ensure that all components are made from non-animal ingredients, including the outer, sole, lining, glue, and more, yet still maintain the quality and style expected from any luxury shoe.”

AERA says it has collaborated with the premier creator of Italian leather alternatives; the main supplier is at the cutting edge of eco-friendly design and pioneers vegan materials with a similar feel and quality to that of animal leather. In addition, the brand says it is committed to developing solvent free materials, utilising solar electricity in its production plant, and investing in renewable, bio-based sources which have reduced environmental impacts.

“We are working to set a new normal, one in which style, design, and quality are analogous with sustainability,” said Co-founder Tina Bhojwani to Forbes. “I’m thrilled to announce that we have reached our number one objective – to become carbon negative.

“We believe that sustainability and luxury can be analogous. At the end of the day, the consumer wants a great product and we weren’t going to compromise on that.”

AERA shoes are available on with prices between $245-$445.

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