• Fúmée Nature – Natural Vegan Cosmetics

    The Austrian company Fúmée Perfume & Cosmetics GmbH is a manufacturer of 100% vegan natural cosmetics which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. The Fúmée Nature range includes a lotion for facial cleansing, an anti-aging serum, and an eye fluid.

    Sven Ehlers, owner of Sven Ehlers Marketing and Sales, is a Fúmée distribution partner and supplies the complete Fúmée Perfume & Cosmetics product range. He is enthusiastic about the highly professional product line. “The range is 100% vegan, paraben-free and made with organic oils. More and more customers are paying attention to the ingredients of their body care products, and this is a good thing. Fúmée’s natural cosmetics range also contains no preservatives or fragrances. People with skin problems are among our regular customers. When you see what kind of additives are present in most cosmetic products – not just cheap ones – it becomes more than necessary for customers to rethink their product choices.”

    In addition to the Nature series, Fúmée also offers a 100% vegan hand cream and body lotion. Further information about the company and its products can be found at www.fumeeeurope.com. Customers can purchase the products via the online shop at www.fumee-life.com.

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