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Giulia & Romeo: Luxury, Ethical Vegan Clothing Worn by Pamela Anderson

Giulia & Romeo is a German vegan clothing brand that offers high-end, ethically-produced fashion. 100% of profits from the company’s sales are donated to animal protection organizations.

Giulia & Romeo is popular with celebrities such as actress and model Pamela Anderson, who is well-known for promoting a vegan lifestyle. Anderson was recently spotted wearing a hoodie by the brand in Central Park, New York; the hoodie is black and features the word VEGAN in bold white letters on the back.

The garments are not mass-produced, and many are manufactured in small, limited-edition quantities — unlike fast fashion, which consumes significant resources and is responsible for a huge percentage of the world’s carbon emissions. Each collection is produced in Germany, and the brand has received support from groups such as PETA and Animal Equality.

“Integrity, consciousness, ethics. Those are the values I stand for,” said Daniela Brunner, founder of Giulia & Romeo.

© Giulia & Romeo

“Vanguard of innovation”

Vegan fashion is booming, with global marketplace Immaculate Vegan raising over £300,000 in an oversubscribed funding round last September. It came after the platform achieved over £1.12 million in gross sales and £218,000 in revenue within 12 months. Meanwhile, the market for vegan footwear is now worth $40.9 billion, and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 7.98% through to 2030.

“Giulia and Romeo is at the vanguard of innovation. But more than that, its heart is ethical vegan innovation, as is the heart of its founder, Daniela Brunner. We are honored to receive donations from this compassionate, wonderful brand and to call Daniela an activist and friend,” said Animal Equality founder Sharon Núñez.

Giulia and Romeo is available both online and via its brick-and-mortar store, which is located at Maximilian St. 6, Munich.

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