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Givaudan Launches ‘New Red 1805’ Pigment for Vegan Make-up, Made From a Chinese Radish

Givaudan Active Beauty has launched a new plantbased pigment created with Chinese red radish ‘Raphanus Sativus L’. The New Red 1805, for use in natural make-up, offers a sustainable alternative to conventional synthetic red pigments, creating opportunities for producers to respond to the increasing trend for vegan and cleaner beauty.

Givaudan states: “Lip colour is currently the most active colour cosmetics category, accounting for one third of new launches, with 28 lipsticks sold in the world every single second.”

The New Red 1805 is reportedly made sustainably by working with a cooperative of farmers in the Yunnan province to deliver the plant ingredient. The company also says that the pigment features antioxidant properties to help protect lip skin from free radicals. Because, well nobody wants unpaired valence electrons on their lips.

Yohan Rolland, Global Category Manager said: “Most of the existing colour formulae rely on synthetic pigments. Proudly crafted by Green fractionation, New Red 1805 enables brands to bring a premium vegan, cruelty-free and performant innovation in the most iconic category of colours cosmetics: the red lipstick. With a 100% natural origin, it doesn’t interfere with performance.”  

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