• Hair Care Company Aveda Removes All Animal Ingredients From Its Products

    Eco-friendly hair care company Aveda has announced that it is now 100% vegan. The company stopped using animal ingredients in all new products last summer, but some bee-derived ingredients were still being used in existing formulas.

    Now, Aveda has phased out honey and beeswax from all its formulas, meaning 500 previously non-vegan products are now vegan-friendly. The company has not tested on animals since it was founded in 1978, although its parent company, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, is not cruelty-free.

    Aveda said the shift was challenging because most beeswax alternatives are petroleum-derived, which is not line with the company’s environmental ethos. Instead, it has spent three years developing a plant-based alternative. It said the changes would not affect the price of its products.

    As part of its move towards vegan-friendliness, Aveda is even encouraging its employees and customers to take part in this year’s Veganuary. It also aims for its production to be carbon negative by 2024.

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    It joins other haircare brands such as Neora and IGK, which have launched vegan products worldwide in recent years.

    “Aveda was founded on an environmental mission, so becoming vegan was a natural next step for us to continue to lessen our impact on the planet,” said Aveda VP-R&D Christine Hall. “We were further compelled to expedite the process when faced with the facts around the impact of animal-derived ingredients on the health of the planet.”

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