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Iconic UK Department Store Selfridges to Home Mārīcī Vegan Bags Made from Piñatex

Starting on July 8, exclusive UK department store Selfridges will host plant-based accessory brand Mārīcī. The London-based fashion house Mārīcī crafts luxury bags from revolutionary leather alternative Piñatex – the ground-breaking vegan material taking the fashion world by storm. 

Mārīcī is a circular design slow fashion brand that produces artisan vegan bags in Venice, Italy, and will appear in Selfridges as part of the iconic store’s ‘Project Earth’ luxury designer edit – exploring design innovations and retail concepts centered around sustainability. Mārīcī will be the only brand represented currently using Piñatex, the next-gen material made from waste pineapple leaves and famed for its sustainability credentials. The PETA-approved material also recently hit the news for its footwear collaboration with Nike

House of Marici
©House of Marici

Made by UK-based Ananas Anam, Piñatex is handcrafted from already harvested pineapples, requiring no extra water, land, or fertilizers in its production. In addition, the use of historically discarded pineapple leaves provides an alternative source of income for farmers. 

Selfridges’ flagship London Oxford Street also recently became home to Rudy’s Vegan Butcher – London’s first plant-based butcher shop. 

“We hope to create an elevated luxury product that offers low environmental impact and high social responsibility. To offer a kinder alternative to Mother Earth whilst not compromising on aesthetics and quality,” commented Mārīcī Founder Amanda Navaian. 

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