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Beyond Leather Materials Launches Full-Scale Production of Alt Leather from Upcycled Apple Waste

Danish startup Beyond Leather Materials, a producer and supplier of  Leap — an innovative alternative to traditional leather — announces a significant commercialization milestone: transitioning from R&D to a fully operational B2B supplier, ready to offer its innovative material to various industries.

Leap, which stands for “LEftover APples,” utilizes waste from European juice and cider producers to create a biobased material of which every square meter prevents approximately 1.8kg of apple pulp from ending up in landfills.

“More than 6 years of product development and intensive R&D have led us to this pivotal moment”

Now, Beyond Leather Materials has launched its first full-scale production line in Germany, marking a significant milestone in revolutionizing the industry through the innovative use of apple waste.

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© Beyond Leather Materials

Mikael Eydt, CEO and co-founder of Beyond Leather Materials, shares: “More than 6 years of product development and intensive R&D have led us to this pivotal moment. Leap stands as an example of how we can take a step further toward a more sustainable approach in material usage within industries often reliant on animal materials or synthetics.”

100,000 m2 of Leap

Production of Leap commenced in April, and the company states that it has the capability to produce over 100,000 m2 in the first year alone.

The alternative leather can be used in small leather goods, furniture, home decor, and the automotive industry. Companies interested in incorporating Leap into their products can leverage its versatility and performance and choose from multiple colors and textures to suit their needs.

Furthermore, the innovation offers several key features for sustainability, such as production efficiency and reduced environmental impact. 

In addition to its industrial scale-up, the Danish firm says it is forging new partnerships that will introduce Leap into different products. It points out that these collaborations emphasize the material’s versatility and alignment with industry movements toward innovation and ethical sourcing.

© Beyond Leather Materials

“Making waste beautiful”

Founded in 2017 by Hannah Michaud and Mikael Eydt, Beyond Leather Materials aims to make waste beautiful by transforming discarded resources into high-quality materials that offer a sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

With Leap’s industrial scale-up, the company is well-positioned to meet the global demand for high-quality products that drive a positive change in the industry.

Eydt adds, “Our industrial scale-up is not just a growth of our facilities, but a step towards providing industries with an alternative that is superior in performance and aesthetics and meets all essential industry standards for small leather goods, furniture and automotive interior.”

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