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Mexico’s DESSERTO Cactus Alt Leather Gets V-Label Certification, Launches Boxing Gloves with Adidas

DESSERTO, the biomaterial made from cactus from Mexico, has obtained the V-Label certification, the most internationally recognized mark for the labeling of vegan and vegetarian products and services. The alt leather brand has also announced a new line of boxing gloves made with Adidas

The V-Label seal has become the most widely used vegan symbol worldwide with more than 40,000 certified vegan-friendly products. The certification guarantees that the product is totally free of ingredients of animal origin. DESSERTO has been proving the versatility of the biomaterial recently, collaborating with BMW and H&M amongst others, while also winning awards from PETA


The certification coincides with the launch of the new Tilt 350 boxing gloves made with DESSERTO in partnership with multinational Adidas Boxing. The boxing glove – made from the sustainable cactus leather – features a newly registered design that helps protect the wrists and hands of combat athletes. Adidas also recently unveiled a vegan soccer boot co-created by Stella McCartney and Manchester United’s Paul Pogba. 

“We believe in leaving a big footprint in the ring, but a small footprint on the ground,” commented Christophe Dessales, Managing Director of Adidas Boxing.

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