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Stella McCartney Debuts Bolt Threads Mushroom Leather Bag at Paris Fashion Week

UK fashion house Stella McCartney has showcased a handbag made with vegan mushroom leather on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. Made by Bolt Threads, the leather is known as Mylo and is made from mycelium, the roots of mushrooms.

The new bag, which has been christened the Frame Mylo, is the first commercially available product made from the mushroom leather. Stella McCartney showcased a top and trousers made from Mylo earlier this year, but they were not available for sale.

Stella McCartney mylo
© Stella McCartney

The Frame Mylo is based on the design of Stella McCartney’s classic Falabella bag. McCartney initially collaborated with Bolt Threads to make a prototype of the new bag back in 2018, but this is the first time it has been available to buy.

The fashion house has always had a focus on ethics, but within the past year, it has increasingly been emphasising sustainability. In August, it launched a new version of its Eclypse sneakers made from plant-based and recycled materials. And its Autumn 2021 collection is its most sustainable yet, featuring materials such as regenerated nylon and recycled old-stock fabrics.

“With good reason, consumers are demanding sustainable material alternatives that also look and feel great,” said Bolt Threads CEO and Founder Dan Widmaier. “The Frayme Mylo bag is a huge milestone for sustainable fashion, making better material options accessible to consumers all around the world.”

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