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Veshin Announces Partnership With Natural Fiber Welding

Veshin – a Chinese factory that produces fashion accessories for sustainable brands around the world, announces a partnership with Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) to create products made with the company’s leather alternative, Mirum.

“By working with NFW, we can now accelerate positive change on a global scale”

As part of the partnership, a team of expert designers and craftspeople with decades of experience will help brands source, design, scale, and launch products made with Mirum. The leather alternative is a high-performance, plastic-free material which is rapidly gaining popularity in the luxury accessory industry, having been used by brands such as Germany’s Melina Bucher.

Plastic-free alt leather

“Many ‘vegan leathers’ are marketed as ‘plant-based,’ but they also contain plastics like polyurethane. NFW believes ‘vegan’ should mean ‘plants’, not ‘plastic’,” Natural Fiber Welding told vegconomist in 2019.

Veshin founder, Joey Pringle, comments: “Natural Fiber Welding’s plastic-free, low carbon, leather alternative MIRUM is the last piece of the puzzle we have been waiting for at Veshin Factory. We know the challenges & Catch 22’s within the next-generation material space, however, being able to offer a plastic-free alternative is exactly what the industry has been asking for. Not only does NFW solve the material solution, they heavily align with our philosophy on collaboration.” 

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About Veshin Factory

Founded last year, Veshin focuses on the use of sustainable, vegan materials as well as ethical treatment of workers. In December, the company launched a range of accessories made from pineapple leather, and also uses materials such as cactus leather, organic cotton, and hemp.

“By forming this close relationship, we can now provide a smooth & radically transparent process to the brands who want to collaborate with both of us. By working with NFW, we can now accelerate positive change on a global scale,” added Pringle.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Veshin Factory. Through this collaboration, we are giving designers never-before-possible options for circular products and regenerative natural ingredient sourcing,” said Luke Haverhals, CEO at NFW. “Together we are making room for complete circularity and creating access for brands who want to be more conscious and sustainable.”

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