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Luxurious Bags Made from Apple Scraps: Vegan Accessories by “LUCKYNELLY”

High-quality vegan bags and belts – that’s what the Berlin fashion label LUCKYNELLY stands for. They manufacture a wide range of suitable products for self-confident, modern women who value sustainably produced goods and luxurious design. The main materials used are cork and an innovative and unusual leather-like material made from apple residues.

Former fashion design student Christine Rochlitz set up her own business in 2012, founding the vegan and sustainable luxury handbag and accessory label LUCKYNELLY in Berlin. Her main reason was her love for animals, which was why she wanted to add to the luxury fashion market with unique, elegant, high-quality handbags and accessories that are 100% ethical, environmentally friendly, vegan and produced under fair conditions.

She chose extremely high-quality materials which are handcrafted and processed in Germany and Milan. These include real sewable wood and slate, as well as cork and an innovative material made from apple residues left over from juice production. These can be recycled, and are an alternative to leather.

In 2014, LUCKYNELLY won the PETA Vegan Fashion Award in the category “Best accessory for women” for a wooden belt. Since then, LUCKYNELLY has been working very closely with the animal welfare organisation, and donates 5 euros from every product sold to PETA to support animal welfare.

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