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Luxury Vegan Fashion Label Goldrad Launches First Handbag Collection

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The Zurich based company Goldrad hs launched their first luxury handbag collection, with a selection of handcrafted vegan handbags. The company relies on high quality, recycled and sustainable materials that are completely cruelty-free. Goldrad proudly carries the PETA VEGAN APPROVED label.

Goldrad Founder Alexandra Donath said: “We want to revolutionize the high-end sector for handbags and accessories and show people that luxury products made out of sustainable materials for which no animals are being hurt are a fantastic match. Another important factor that inspired us to launch our label was the fact that the fashion industry is one of the three largest polluting industries in the world. Even if more and more people get more eco-conscious, there are still so many products being sold that are so harmful for the environment. We sincerely believe this entire sector needs a drastic 180 change.

Ethical, sustainable design

“For the production of our line we only use high-quality and eco-friendly polyutherane. The lining and the dust bags are made out of recycled material, for example RPET Satin – a fabric made out of recycled PET bottles. For us, it makes a lot of sense to use materials that are made of already existing things that people would usually consider trash. In addition, we are also looking to find new natural materials we can incorporate into our production. We should all not forget that the fashion industry is the second largest industry in the world and therefore one of its main polluters and a horrific industry for which billions of animals are being slaughtered each year.”

Convinced that no luxury or lifestyle product needs to be built on these unethical processes, the company caters to the taste of the high-demanding customer and consciously segregates themselves from vegan fashion that is currently available. Goldrad says that it doesn’t just offer first-class quality and artisan made high-fashion design, but also a unique feel and an exceptional premium all-round luxury product.

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