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New Platform FUTUREVVORLD Launches to Explore Earth-Friendly Materials

A new digital platform has launched to explore more environmentally responsible practices in fashion, footwear, and design. FUTUREVVORLD aims to help the streetwear audience become more conscious consumers.

The fashion industry is responsible for a huge quantity of greenhouse gas emissions — as much as the UK, Germany, and France combined. While many consumers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability issues in the industry, FUTUREVVORLD is the first platform completely dedicated to discussing more environmentally friendly materials.

The platform will feature storytelling and investigative journalism that aims to educate and influence consumers, helping them make purchasing decisions that are better for the planet.


FUTUREVVORLD was founded by Daniel Navetta, who runs the creative production agency Bryght Young Things, and Allen Zelden, a creative entrepreneur who advises plant-based food companies.

Zelden has previously written articles on the success of plant-based meats during the pandemic and the growth of the plant-based industry in Australia. Now, he believes that a shift to more ethical materials is an inevitable next step towards sustainability.

“In many ways, the fashion and footwear industries mirror our food system, from issues around sourcing and supply chains to waste,” says Zelden. “With greater awareness of the textile industry’s harmful environmental impact and exploitative work practices, it’s only a matter of time before we see similar exponential interest and investment in improved textile and material alternatives as well.”



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