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Phil America Partners With PETA for Animal-Friendly Streetwear Line

Vegan artist, designer, and influencer Phil America has joined forces with PETA for a new streetwear capsule collection called “People Are Animals”.

The collection features black shirts with designs inspired by PETA’s logo, along with green hoodies emblazoned with colourful animal-inspired designs. It will be modelled by actor and singer Stéphanie Gérard and other influencers.

“Getting to work with PETA is always special to me, as a lifelong supporter”

The launch is accompanied by a video comparing human and animal eyes, showing the similarities between them. A new custom Instagram filter has also been introduced, making the colours and designs of the collection change to emphasise the importance of seeing things from different perspectives.

Phil America
Image: Phil America on Instagram

PETA and vegan fashion

PETA has a track record of promoting and supporting cruelty-free fashion, helping to get fur banned from this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week. In 2021, the charity partnered with LIVEKINDLY for a campaign urging consumers to choose vegan alternatives to wool.

PETA also frequently certifies animal-friendly fashion pieces, such as niLuu’s vegan silk robes and H&M’s Co-Exist Story range. The latter was the first ever fast fashion collection to receive the charity’s formal approval.

“Getting to work with PETA is always special to me, as a lifelong supporter,” said Phil America. “With this collection, we have created a new design language for people who want to both support PETA and speak up for animal welfare.”

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