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Piñatex Continues to Create Impact at Scale With New ZARA Collaboration

London-based B-Corp Ananas Anam announces a new collaboration with fast-fashion giant ZARA featuring a range of sneakers, sandals, and accessories made from the company’s next-gen pineapple leather PIÑATEX® .

“We are big believers in ‘changing giants from the inside’ to create impact at scale”

Ananas Anam is convinced that “anything can be achieved as long as all actors in the fashion industry work together towards the same goal.” By providing what it claims to be the most sustainable plant-based alternative to leather commercially available at scale, PIÑATEX® is in an optimum position to partner with ZARA and other fashion brands to increase the plantbased componentry in their products and enhance overall sustainability.

BAG Yellow Tote Zara Pinatex

PIÑATEX® is the material of choice for hundreds of vegan and sustainable fashion brands around the world, including global lifestyle brands such as Nike, H&M, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, and more. In an interview with vegconomist, Melanie Broyé-Engelkes, CEO of Ananas Anam, outlined that “each brand collaboration is presenting its own set of new and exciting challenges,” and stated on the significance of collaborations in the fashion world: “We are big believers in ‘changing giants from the inside’ to create impact at scale”

PIÑATEX® X ZARA Collection

Following a long list of fashion collaborations, Ananas Anam announces its first collaboration with fast-fashion giant ZARA. The collection features a range of sneakers, sandals, and accessories for men, women, and kids, all made from Piñatex.

Several colors from the Original range of PIÑATEX® are used in the upper construction of the footwear models in place of leather. The bags also make use of the PIÑATEX® Original line, with PIÑATEX® Metallic Silver being used to add highlights. Pineapple Leaf Fibre (PALF), an agricultural waste product that doesn’t need extra land, water, or chemicals to thrive, makes up 72% of both the PIATEX® Original and Metallic collections. 

zara pinatex shoe

The PIÑATEX x ZARA SA line debuts as part of ZARA’s Sustainability Innovation Hub; a platform for collaborating with innovative fashion brands to promote initiatives that can contribute to creating a more sustainable product landscape.

“PIÑATEX® is unique because this versatile, natural fabric is made from pineapple leaf fibres, a by-product of the pineapple harvest, meaning that no resources are used in growing the raw material making PIÑATEX®  the most sustainable alternative to leather commercially available at scale.”

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