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Vegan Fashion Line Designed by Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara, who has been vegan for 7 years, is designing a collection of vegan clothing and accessories with her best friend Sara Schloat.


The vegan fashion line, called Hiraeth, is intended to convey an important message. It emphasises ethical standards alongside vegan and animal-free production. That’s why the clothes are made in Los Angeles, where working conditions can be directly monitored. Mara says, “That was really important to me – to know where everything comes from, and that it all comes from a place of integrity.” The fashion line’s Instagram account, ‘hiraeth.collective’, shows pictures of the production process in addition to images of the first pieces of clothing.


“Hiraeth” is a Welsh word describing the yearning for a home. Mara chose this word because she wants to represent people’s distance from what they consume and how they live. For Mara, this is related to clothing because “nobody knows who made the clothing or what it is made of.” Mara also wants to convince people to buy consciously.



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