Grounded People Apparel launches Vegan, Ethical Winter Boot Collection

Grounded People Apparel Inc (CSE: SHOE), a Canadian ethical footwear company, presents the new All SZN Boot Collection.

Grounded states this strategic move is also expected to strengthen customer loyalty and brand reputation, as it plans to make a name for itself in the multi-billion dollar winter footwear market and fill a niche for fashionable and sustainable winter footwear alternatives.

With the goal of minimizing the fashion industry’s environmental footprint, Grounded’s 100% PETA APPROVED “All SZN Boot Collection” uses natural rubber and a vegan microfibre called OnMirco, an eco-friendly vegan leather microfiber.

The launch comes after two notable, sustainable vegan footwear releases this year, following Grounded’s $2.5M raise this January. In March, the brand released a line of shoes crafted from recycled materials such as recycled car tires, and in June, it launched what it claimed to be the first-ever cruelty-free leather and suede shoes

Grounded People white winter boot
© Grounded People

Robust revenue model

The company says the launch of the All SZN Boot Collection is a defining moment. With this expansion, the company will be able to offer footwear options throughout the year, fostering a more stable and robust revenue model.

Maximilian Justus, CEO of Grounded People Apparel, states: “At Grounded People, we strongly believe that sustainable fashion can be a reality all year round. Our dedicated team has put in significant effort to uphold this philosophy. We are confident that this initiative will build confidence in our brand, which stands for protecting our planet while maintaining style and grace. Entering the established winter footwear market with an innovative design that seamlessly combines functionality and fashion creates great opportunities for us. This shift from seasonal buying patterns to a more consistent revenue stream serves stakeholder interests very well.”

The All SZN Boot Collection will be available in Canada, the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom.

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