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Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Sakroot Hangbags are PETA Approved Vegan Certified 

In 2019, bag specialists The Sak reached a milestone celebrating 30 successful years. In celebration, the company has aligned with a goal of 100% sustainability by 2029. Also, PETA has approved 100% of The Sak crochet and Sakroots bags as Vegan Certified. 

Plans for the next thirty years include its vision to make the world better through thoughtfully crafted accessories, ethical practices, and building a social fabric that ignites a global community towards a greater purpose.

The Sak’s mission to be socially and environmentally responsible includes a goal of 100% sustainability by 2029. The company also aims to lower the environmental impact by working towards more sustainable production standards using three pillars: products, people, planet:

  • Lowering the environmental impact of its products that include more ethical standards to ensure the materials and processes are sustainable. 
  • Acting as trailblazers to support its employees by ensuring they have a meaningful work/life balance, and creating a lasting connection with its artisans, partners, and consumers.
  • Caring for planet earth by growing its circle of nature-related charities to make a positive impact on the ecosystem.
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Additionally, The Sak has partnered with several eco-friendly companies and organizations to help measure and reduce the environmental impacts of products throughout their life cycle. These initiatives include:

  • REPREVE®: It is the leading, branded performance fiber made from recycled materials that include plastic bottles. The Sak has built a partnership with Repreve to develop proprietary materials: recycled Eco-Twill, 100% recycled jersey crochet and recycled poly twill lining. This month, Sakroots will be launching a recycled Eco-Twill collection called Seascape, which features REPREVE outer material and lining. This collection benefits SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf, an ocean-health-focused platform designed to reverse climate change by providing habitats for threatened species such as sea turtles and other ocean life. The Sak’s goal is to have 100% of their lining made from sustainable materials by 2023. 
  • Oceanworks: The company reimagines recycled plastic as a resource that can be regenerated into products over and over, creating a closed material cycle. Its mission will significantly reduce the need for virgin plastic and create a Circular Economy for ocean plastics. The Sak uses Oceanworks Guaranteed yarn sourced from recycled fishing net material in an exclusive hand-crocheted capsule collection launching this Spring.
  • Leather Working Group certified tanneries: The objective of the Leather Working Group (LWG) is to develop and maintain a protocol that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather tanneries and promotes sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.  87% of the leather The Sak uses is sourced from these tanneries that take into account environmentally friendly processes, labor conditions, and sustainable water usage. The Sak plans for 100% of its leather to come from LWG certified tanneries by 2021. 
  • Natural Materials focus: The Sak introduced vegetable tanned leathers and up-cycled leathers, while Sakroots features vegan body materials made from linen, cotton, and jute.
  • Forest Stewardship Council: All hangtags on its products are now 100% Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FCS). FSC is an international non-profit organization that sets the standard for what is a responsibly managed forest both environmentally and socially. Additionally, Sakroots shipping bags are biodegradable. The Sak and Sakroots plan to have 100% sustainable packaging by 2021.
  • PETA: Founded in1980, PETA is dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals. 100% of The Sak crochet and Sakroots is PETA Approved Vegan Certified using materials free of animal byproducts.

Also, The Sak supports its female artisans who hand make its timeless crochet products, supporting their craft to safeguard their unique skills. The Sak has established a private fund that supports the healthcare and education of the female artisans of Negara and surrounding villages. A portion of sales of the limited-edition collection goes directly to the fund.

“Last year we celebrated a brand milestone: our 30th Anniversary, but now we have to look to the future,” said Mark Talucci, CEO and Founder of The Sak and Sakroots. “As I look back over the last three decades and where the world was when we started versus now, I recognize the importance of reframing the way The Sak functions as a global citizen with an added pledge for environmental stewardship, authentic craftsmanship, and philanthropy.”

The Sak is the original California lifestyle brand built on authentic design, handcrafted details, and environmentally responsible practices.  Each high-quality bag is created thoughtfully to reflect a love of craftsmanship, artistry, and global influences. The Sak is sold in over 10,000 retail locations worldwide. 

Sakroots is a free-spirited, vegan lifestyle brand for young-minded women who have a passion for fashion, art, and nature. Sakroots delivers fresh and exciting products through unique artist-driven patterns, each tied to a nature-related charity that shares the company’s social mission to make the world better. It also allows its customers the opportunity to donate to their charity of choice.

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