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Sustainable Fashion Brand Nu-In Officially Declares Itself Vegan

European sustainable fashion brand nu-in has announced that all its future products will be vegan-friendly. The brand has partnered with PETA to certify its fashion as free of animal cruelty.

Nu-in was founded in 2019 with the aim of creating fashion with the lowest possible environmental impact. Its products are all made with recycled or organic materials, and it manufactures them near its warehouse to minimise CO2 production. It also offsets the emissions from its shipping, and its clothes are designed to be easily recyclable.

While all of nu-in’s products to date have been free of animal-derived materials, the brand hadn’t ruled out using them in future — until now. In an open letter, nu-in said it had questioned whether it really needed to use any animal products and decided that the answer was no. The company said it would be impossible to know whether these materials had been produced ethically and sustainably, and doubted whether it was really possible for them to be ethical.

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A growing number of fashion brands are recognising that sustainability goes hand-in-hand with ethics — examples include Nanushka, which only uses vegan or recycled leather, and Miomojo, which uses an animal-free leather alternative made from apple waste.

“There is no real reason for killing and torturing animals for our own personal gains in food and fashion,” said nu-in co-founder Stefanie Giesinger. “No animals have been, or will be harmed in the manufacturing of our products and we feel it’s important to be clear on this and stand firm on our mission going forward.”



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