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Tarte Cosmetics Launches Cruelty-free Line Awake

Tarte Cosmetics, the successful brand based in New York City and founded by Maureen Kelly in 1999, have introduced a sister brand named Awake. Tarte are dedicated to providing cruelty-free products suitable for the vegan market, which has given them a leading edge in the sector and attracted a loyal following.

Awake uses advanced botanical technology in this new collection inspired by Japanese skincare. Tarte combine their “Deep knowledge of high-performance naturals™ with the Japanese tradition of incredible formulas to create a perfect skincare hybrid.” The new line, which was launched in June, aims to provide products that are “Fun, effective, approachable, and affordable (all priced under $40).”

The “Awake Effect” is described by their CEO as follows: “Awake is beauty sleep in a bottle—hydrating, and brightening for instant and long-term results. It perfectly unites nature and science to deliver happy and healthy results that have been clinically tested and consumer-approved. The packaging is bright and playful, perfectly reflecting what’s inside.”

The company pledge is to never test on animals or to utilise parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, petrolatum, gluten, BHT, triclosan, or sodium lauryl sulfate. Their goal is to deliver cruelty-free products containing healthy ingredients. “We’re thrilled to bring the new Awake to beauty lovers around the world, and we hope they share our passion” says Ms. Kelly.


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