Vegan Fashion Week Collaborates With Japan’s Kapok Knot for Unisex Jacket Lined With Tree-Based Down

Vegan Fashion Week (VFW), the world’s leading ethical fashion movement founded in 2019 by ethical fashion expert and creative director Emmanuelle Rienda, announces a collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Kapok Knot on a US Indiegogo campaign for the Vegan Haori Jacket. The unisex garment is insulated with Ethical Down Kapok™, sustainably made from kapok trees and recycled polyester.

Billed as the “world’s most comfortable vegan jacket that cuddles you with warmth and coziness”, the jackets are filled with Kapok, a plant-based fiber harvested from kapok trees grown in Indonesia which is said to have a “fill-power” comparable to goose down, but without the abuse of innocent animals – saving approximately 30 geese per jacket.

VFW X Kapot Knot
Image courtesy Vegan Fashion Week

In order to further its mission for the animals, VFW will donate 50% of its proceeds to the NonHuman Rights Project, the only civil rights organization in the United States dedicated solely to securing rights for nonhuman animals.

“We share core values that emphasize sustainable and ethical alternatives for a better world and we support the launch of this compassionate solution to protect animals from harmful practices,” said Emmanuelle Rienda, Founder and CEO of Vegan Fashion Week.

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