niLuu Launches PETA-Approved Vegan Silk Robes in Time for Valentine’s Day

Miami-based luxury fashion brand niLuu has launched a new range of vegan silk robes in collaboration with PETA. The kimono-style robes are made from cupro, a sustainable, animal-free silk alternative produced using cotton waste.

On sale now in time for Valentine’s Day, the vegan silk robes are available for both men and women, featuring a wrap at the waist and relaxed sleeves. They come in nine different colours, packaged in a box with both niLuu and PETA branding. 20% of proceeds will be donated to PETA.


While many sustainable vegan silk alternatives rely on complex production methods such as fermentation and bioengineering, cupro is innovative in its simplicity. To produce the fabric, cellulose is made soluble by combining it with copper and ammonia. It is then spun into rayon fibre. Cupro can be made using fibres that are too small to spin in the conventional way, providing a way of recycling old clothing and fabrics.

niluu kimono

About niLuu

NiLuu was founded by Turkishwoman and former professional volleyball player Nilufer Bracco, who set out to create sustainable products that are truly biodegradable. Currently, niLuu produces kimonos, tops, pants, and shorts.

Though Bracco now lives in the US, she decided to have the products made in her country of origin to provide economic opportunities for other women.

“It is a dream come true: to create beautiful and unique luxury products, while also supporting the causes I care deeply about: a better environment for our children, an end to animal cruelty, and empowering women in Turkey by creating better jobs,” she said.

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