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The Vegan Interior Design Week Will Set Out to Be World’s Leading Ethical Interior Design Movement

The first ever Vegan Interior Design Week has been announced for November 2021, featuring over 30 global speakers, panel discussions, virtual exhibitors, and networking sessions. The event is not only for vegans, but any interior designers and design aficionados interested in sustainable, healthy, and conscious design choices.  

“Just like any conference, in person or online, the real change happens from the connections we make” – Aline Dürr

With the aim of becoming the world’s leading ethical interior design movement, Vegan Interior Design Week is the brainchild of award-winning interior architect and Founder of Vegan Interior Design, Aline Dürr. Dürr came to prominence with her book on vegan interior design which expertly explains easily implemented, cruelty-free, healthy, and sustainable interior design processes. 

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Exploring the challenges surrounding climate and ecological change through the lens of interior design, the event will be hosted on Beyond Animal’s leading digital networking platform and is free to attend via the event’s website. Dürr promises all attendees will walk away with a wealth of knowledge about creating living and working spaces more consciously.  

Including kapok pioneer Flocus and cactus leather specialist Desserto amongst others, the virtual showroom will honour and promote the work of a diverse collective of creatives changing the industry, from next-gen material developers to conscious furniture suppliers, as well as ethically made bedding and toxin-free wall paint.


“Vegan Interior Design Week is for everyone!” explains Aline Dürr, “Everyone who lives, sleeps, eats or works in a space, whether they are vegan or not, should register. This includes interior designers who want to learn more about ethical design and manufacturers wanting to connect with like-minded businesses but also any individual interested in creating healthier, more sustainable and cruelty-free spaces for themselves or their families.”

“One of the most important features of this virtual conference is the daily networking sessions” added Dürr, “There is something so powerful about connecting like-minded professionals to work towards a common objective. Just like any conference, in person or online, the real change happens from the connections we make.”

The 5-day virtual conference is taking place from November 1-5, 2021 as a creative approach to ending animal exploitation and the celebration of healthy and sustainable design evolution.  

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