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Vegan Fashion Brand Frida Rome to “Make Sustainability Sexy” With Dragons’ Den Appearance

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Vegan fashion brand Frida Rome is set to appear on the new UK series of Dragons’ Den, with founders Natalie Deana and Rebecca Joy showcasing handbags that are “sophisticated on the outside and naughty on the inside”.

Frida Rome’s debut luxury accessory is a crossbody handbag called The WEEK/END, which contains an erotic story about a weekend romance. The founders describe themselves as “Bad Girls who do Good Things”, on a mission to build an empire of luxury sustainable products.

The brand will also soon be launching The WEEK/DAY and WEEK/DAY X, two totes that come with a story about a secret office liaison. All Frida Rome handbags are made with sustainable vegan leather alternatives — either apple or cactus leather.

vegan fashion brand Frida Rome
© Frida Rome

Sustainable vegan accessories

Worldwide, a growing number of vegan fashion brands are recognising the need to produce accessories that are not just cruelty-free, but also environmentally friendly. Last year, Germany’s Melina Bucher launched handbags made with Mirum, a biodegradable leather alternative, while Chinese manufacturer Veshin launched a range of pineapple leather accessories. But the majority of vegan accessories still use faux leather made with plastics, and there is a clear need for more sustainable options.

To find out whether Frida Rome raised enough investment to expand, viewers will need to tune into BBC One on Thursday January 20th or catch up afterwards on BBC iPlayer.

There is a growing demand for sustainable products in the fashion industry, and we feel we’re bridging a gap between affordable luxury and making sustainability sexy,” said Deana.Ultimately, we are a brand for those who would see themselves as rebels with a heart of gold.”

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