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Vegan Fried Chick*n Brand VFC Launches Ethical Clothing to Cluck the System

VFC – the vegan fried chick*n company and activist brand launched by Veganuary’s Matthew Glover and chef Adam Lyons – has launched a range of sustainable merchandise created by vegan brand ETHCS.

The range is produced under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), is Fair Wear certified, climate neutral and Soil Association Organic. It consists of: 

  • Short-sleeve Tee, featuring a chicken farmer, with wings graffiti-stencilled onto bird
  • Short-sleeve Tee, featuring a butcher, with a stem of wheat in place of his knife
  • Short-sleeve Tee with the VFC logo on the front and “Cluck the System” on the back
  • Long-sleeve Tee, with VFC’s unique graffiti symbols down one arm, and “Cluck The System” down the other
  • Hoodie, with the VFC logo on the front, and wings graffiti-stencilled on the back
  • Beanie, with the VFC logo
VFC - Farmer

VFC, which has been selling vegan fried chick*n Bites and Fillets since December, has already expanded to Spain and the Netherlands, is in discussions with distributors in another dozen countries, and is expecting to announce its first UK supermarket contract in the coming weeks.

The UK brand’s social media channels have attracted a dedicated following through its witty take on activism, which is reflected in the clothing line in that it too is ethically produced, bold, and edgy in design.

Says VFC chef and co-founder Adam Lyons: “We are on a mission to close down all factory farms, but you don’t have to make yourself miserable while you fight to change the world. If you like sitting on your sofa in a kooky new tee, while eating our chef-made, flavour-stacked Bites, you’re part of the sit-down protest and you’re very much our kind of person.”

The merchandise is available from and retails at: £25 for the short-sleeve Tees; £30 for the long-sleeve Tee; £35 for the hoodie; and £19 for the beanie.



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