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Vegan Jacket Company James&Co Announces Pineapple Leather Collection

More and more consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional leather products, in order to better protect animals and the environment. The fashion company James&Co Ethical Vegan Apparel exclusively uses vegan leather, and offers its customers an ethical and stylish product range. The fashion brand’s latest innovation is a leather jacket collection made of pineapple leather.

The vegan fashion brand uses high-quality, animal-free fabrics, including 100% vegan polyurethane leather, which looks and feels like real leather but is much more sustainable. James&Co now wants to be even more sustainable and has announced that it will use pineapple leather for future product lines. The organic vegan leather is made with water instead of chemicals, and will also be used for high-end collections.

The well-known luxury fashion brand Hugo Boss has also launched a vegan shoe line made from Piñatex, an animal-free leather derived from pineapple leaf fibres. Another innovative leather alternative is a material made from apple residue, which is used in LuckyNelly luxury products.

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