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Vegan Society Study Reveals 95% of Brits Want More Vegan Fashion

A new study by the Vegan Society called The Rise of Vegan Fashion reveals that British consumers would like to buy more vegan-verified fashion. The global market for women’s vegan fashion is estimated at £289 billion in 2019, with forecasts indicating that sales will reach £799 billion in 2027.

The study includes a survey showing that 95 percent of respondents would like to see more vegan-certified fashion, suggesting that there is a market for such products among non-vegans and non-vegetarians.


At the same time, 48 percent said they would like to see more vegan-certified items across all fashion categories, while 35 percent said they would like to see more vegan options for items that typically use animal leather, such as jackets and boots, and 32 percent would like to see more vegan-friendly leather bags and backpacks.

About 32 percent of respondents said they would like to see the use of faux leather expanded to general footwear such as boots, heels and sandals. Twenty-eight percent said they would also be interested in sneakers made from vegan leather. The reports also indicate that 61 percent of consumers believe the use of fur and 57 percent believe the use of leather from exotic animals is animal cruelty.

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